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    Do you only supply caskets and coffins?

    We also supply a range of accessories including cross-keys, crucifix stands, metal crucifixes, grave markers, ash urns and nameplates. Bespoke veneer coffins can also be catered for under special orders pending timing constraints. Please get in touch with us to make an enquiry.

    Where can I find the prices to your coffins and caskets ?

    We supply a wide range of coffins and caskets to Funeral Directors only. For pricing please speak with your nearest Funeral Director whom will be able to assist you.

    What happens if I need an urgent, unusual sized coffin?

    We have diverse selection of coffins and caskets that come in different sizes, whether the size requirement is larger or smaller we will have a product to suit. We will always work with the Funeral Director to understand the size requirements, and make an appropriate suggestion based on what is immediately available.

    Can I contact Scientia after-hours?

    We understand Funeral Directors work around the clock, and at such times, we welcome after-hour calls to answer any urgent enquiries. We also implemented a client portal to enable Funeral Directors to place and track orders online. This ensures any order is immediately lodged into our warehousing system and Funeral Directors have clear visibility of  the order status.

    Why should I use Scientia?

    Undeniably, we are a young company but we are always prioritising to provide unparalleled care and service to our valued Funeral Directors. At Scientia, we believe in delivering confidence through our service and appreciation for the artistry that goes into every coffin, casket and accessories we offer.

    We understand the urgency and importance of timely delivery. Our delivery vehicles are equipped with the latest technology, allowing us to monitor and optimise routes in real-time and keep track on the delivery schedule. With our commitment to delivering confidence, you can trust us to handle the logistics seamlessly, so you can focus on what truly matters in creating an honourable farewell.

    How do I access the Client Portal ?

    The Client Portal can be accessed using the link in the Menu. If you don’t already have your login credentials, please speak with one of our Product Specialist or alternatively you can request access on the login page.

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