Is there anything sweet about Valentine’s Day?

Is there anything sweet about Valentine’s Day?

We’ve all been young once, and at some point in our lives, Valentine’s Day might have made a big impact on our feelings – feeling loved because that someone sent you flowers, feeling neglected because you received nothing…

The dreaded commercialised Valentine’s Day, love it or hate it, still lingers on today. Chocolates, flowers and Valentine are a nice combination, but grief and Valentine is heartbreaking. So what’s the deal?

Love comes in all forms. And days such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is an opportunity to show appreciation for the one you love and cherish. And it makes it harder on such a day if the person you’re appreciating is no longer around…


All you need is love, love is all you need

For those who’s loved one is no longer around, well how do you find that love?

“Nothing you can do, but you can learn how to be you in time”

This is actually a line from the famous Beatles song, but usually overshadowed by the famous line “All you need is love”. There’s nothing you can do to bring a loved one back, but in time, you can learn how to be you — with that person close to heart.


What you can do

Here are some ideas to create a little love on a day that might have otherwise be spent grieving:

  • Invite some family and friends for a casual dinner party. Acknowledge the day is hard but it’s not another wake. A wake is to remember a loved one. But a Valentine’s night is an evening for love and laughter. A chance to learn to be you again with a loved one to heart.
  • If children are involved, let them lead the fun. Grieving children can see that one form of grieving is not about crying, but remembering and learning to live on: “Grandad would have loved this…”
  • Who says for Valentine’s Day you have to go out and book a table. A quiet night in with candles, pizza, wine and close friends is just as appealing to have your ‘Me’ time with treasured memories.
  • Sometimes making someone’s day and making someone smile does more to a grieving soul. How about a cooked dish for the lonely neighbour? Or a warm drink for the homeless? Each lonely soul has their own story. Who cares what happened in the past. At least on this grieving Valentine’s Day, try and put some love into somebody else’s lives. And in turn, you will feel appreciated by them.

Try it and see and feel the love. Happy Valentine’s Day!