Resurrecting memories in a Eulogy

This year, Easter falls in the end of March. For many Christian believers, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. To give testament about what Jesus did and to resurrect and restore Faith.

Similar, a Eulogy does the same thing — to resurrect memories and to restore faith in the living that our loved ones are in a better place, and that their spirit can remain in our hearts if we choose to resurrect treasured memories than bury them in grief.

Often when a loved one has passed away, we grieve. We get lost in emotions and do not know where to begin when asked to write a Eulogy or to give a personal tribute.

When asked to write about someone’s life, it might feel like a pressure. How can one write something that does justice to the beloved? Such a huge responsibility, to be the one to provide a dignified closing…

Let’s put it in another perspective — a Eulogy is to resurrect the memories of a loved one’s life. So where can you start:

  • Think about the heritage and the beginnings of that person. So in light of Easter, this is the Christmas story, the birth of Jesus Christ and the belief behind it.
  • Rather than listing out facts and achievements, think about the stories in each chapter of that person’s life — from school, to youth, to work, to retirement. Try and bring out one story from each life milestone. Again, in light of Easter, just as the bible is not a list of facts, rather it was written in story form that brings out a message in each chapter.
  • The community within that person’s life: What do others say about this person? The impact this person had on others – be it family, or at work, or in the wider community, or even to just one person. These are testaments by family and friends known as personal tributes.

Each person’s life is unique. There will be ups and downs. We can do that person justice by remembering them as valuable lessons learnt by someone who has lived through the beginning and end of a life journey.

The resurrection of memories acts as an inspirational guidance for those of us still living each day.