Long Life Ashley

The Long Life Ashley sings of sophisticated charm and debonair. Crafted in a divine palette of dark-red, smooth curves and unique grain patterns. Finished off in a high gloss lacquer shine. Anything else would just complicate its natural charm. The antique red brass finishing for the drop bar handles at both ends of the piece, with the long drop bar handles on either side of the panel, is the perfect fusion of tradition with a modern flair. Complete with a raised lid which opens elegantly on a concealed hinge, this piece is an absolutely dignified closing to a life story well written.
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Mahogany Timber

Mahogany is a hardwood with a fine and even grain pattern. A beautiful timber distinguished by its rich red colouring, it develops into a deep reddish-brown as the wood ages. The occasional interlocking of the fine grain produces an attractive figure. Making it highly desirable for woodcraft and furniture that withstands time. It is a prestigious timber owing to its durability and resistance to termites.



  • Internal
    • 1980 x 580 x 350
    • 6’ 6” x 22 3⁄4” x 13 3⁄4”
  • External
    • 2100 x 700 x 600
    • 6’ 10 3⁄4” x 27 1⁄2” x 24”


  • Internal
    • 1680 x 460 x 345
    • 5’ 6” x 18” x 13 1⁄2”
  • External
    • 1850 x 600 x 560
    • 6’ 1” x 23 3⁄4” x 22”


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