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Resurrecting memories in a Eulogy

This year, Easter falls in the end of March. For many Christian believers, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. To give testament about what Jesus did and to resurrect and restore Faith. Similar, a Eulogy does the same thing — to resurrect memories and to restore faith in the living that our loved ones…

Is there anything sweet about Valentine’s Day?

Is there anything sweet about Valentine’s Day? We’ve all been young once, and at some point in our lives, Valentine’s Day might have made a big impact on our feelings – feeling loved because that someone sent you flowers, feeling neglected because you received nothing… The dreaded commercialised Valentine’s Day, love it or hate it,…

What to do with Funeral Flowers

Floral arrangements make all the difference in a funeral service. They add comfort to grieving family members, and are a beautiful final tribute to a loved one. While many families do appreciate the kind gesture, what exactly can you do with the flowers after the funeral service other than see them thrown away? In order to limit…

Remembrance Day – 11 Nov

Keep Calm and Carry On We often hear this term ‘Keep Calm and Carry On — but did you know that it was a phrase printed on motivational posters produced by the British Government in 1939 in preparation for World War II to raise public morale? As often as this term is used these days,…